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Optimization and digitalization of your workflows:

IT is developing rapidly. Some technologies that were recognized as state-of-the-art just yesterday are already obsolete today. That's why we examine your requirements as part of needs analysis and do not come with typical solutions, but determine opportunities and solutions that today's market offers, so that your current and future needs are met in long term.

If you do not have your own IT service or service provider but would like to automate your workflows, we will support you in selecting the most suitable service provider or develop an optimized solution for you.

Professional IT Management in accordance with ITIL:


IT Service & Release Management;

IT Incident & Problem Management;

IT Change & Project Management;

IT-Controlling, identification of optimization potential;

Risk Management;

+ Identification of core limitations of your IT (bottlenecks), development of solution concept, deployment/coordination and support during implementation:

 + simple to highly complex systems;

 + different technologies and programming languages;

 + support in software development and software implementation projects;

Emergency IT Support:


When your systems suddenly stop working and your business processes break down, we use our expertise to identify and fix the issue as quickly as possible - whether it's specialized software, a PC, or a projector compromising an important presentation. If it can't be resolved quickly, we'll find a workaround for you so your business can continue.

Software products and technologies:

+ Windows, PC and Notebook Hardware, Android, Linux, LAN, WLAN and WAN;

+ Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle WebLogic Server;

+ C++, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Java, Full-stack Development;

+ System Integration, Interface Development and Implementation, ETL;

+ Crystal Reports, SAP Business Intelligence, Microsoft Reporting Services, Qlik;

Technology replacement projects:

If you need or would like to implement the newest technology to replace what you are using, we will take care of organizing end-to-end migration project for you and ensure smooth transition.

Our Service:


+ provides you with more transparency;

+ boosts your productivity;

+ simplifies your decision making;

+ saves you the unnecessary expenses;

+ increases the quality of your service;

+ ensures the satisfaction of your customers;


The Result:

 + less downtime due to interruptions in your IT;

 + more customers can be served even more reliably and cost-effectively after optimizing your IT infrastructure;

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