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Glass Buildings

Technology as passion

There are people who just work with technology but there are those who just live technology.


We are passionate about technology and know how to get maximum benefit out of it.


We take care that you get an innovative solution according to your needs and requirements and where you need it most.

And at an optimal price.

Why us?

{Expert knowledge from Major Corporations} lets us reliably increase the efficiency of your Business;


{International Experience of 20+ years in IT} lets us find appropriate solution to any requirement;

{Quality, Reliability and Support Culture} are our top priorities;


{Environmental friendliness} is not just a trend but our lifestyle;

we also speak {German and Russian};



We are the IT specialists with many years of experience and wide-ranging know-how that allows us to find very effective solutions even for complex projects quickly and reliably. We have not only broad and reliable knowledge at our disposal but many years of hands-on experience.

We invest in trust our customers give us and don't come with a solution already in mind, but we make sure that we understood you correctly, completely and exactly before we offer it. As we are not tied to any group, we are free from conflicts of interests and can therefore act independently and purely for interests of our Customers - putting your needs as our top priority and thinking out of the box.

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